Fidelity Technologies Corporation consists of a team of motivated and talented individuals committed to developing innovative, high-quality products and services to support the warfighter. As a defense and aerospace contractor our goal is to continually improve our efficiency and reliability as a designer, manufacturer and service provider. We are determined to maintain high ethical standards; be a respectable member of our community and deliver superior products and services to the brave men and women in uniform. Fidelity’s Simulation and Training Division has a true understanding of the training environment and technical interface required to support the current warfighter. Fidelity systems support training across the man on the ground to the command elements, from initial task tasks through tactical decision training. Beginning with the GUARDFIST system, over 15 years ago, Fidelity has pioneered the advancement of indirect fires and now joint fires procedural and tactical trainers. Our expertise has recently broadened our reach into rotary wing simulation, counter improvised explosive device (IED) systems.