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With the head office located at Addax Tower, on Al Reem Island, RIG consists of two Groups of UAE companies, and a number of Joint Ventures.

Military Companies



Advanced One is a Multi-Purpose Electro-Mechanical Maintenance Company that provides general and specialized maintenance to the UAE Armed Forces, industrial and private sector.

Advanced One is currently employed by the UAE Armed Forces to service a number of key capabilities including their world-class parachute training facility. As well as providing maintenance on specialist training equipment and machinery.


ATI is registered by the US Department of State for the sale of ITAR controlled items. IT opened in 1998 as a focused effort to support the rapidly growing UAE Special Forces.

Since then ATI has grown to include many key clients in the UAE Armed Forces, supplying a wide-range of products and services from ammunition, explosives, weapons, clothing & equipment to multi-role platforms. They accomplish this with the support of Future 50 and 500 Defence Companies who have relied upon ATI’s continued success to be their code agent on the UAE.


DiveCo International opened in 2005 to service the military diving requirements for the UAE. DiveCo have headquarters in Abu Dhabi, serving not only UAE but the wider GCC region.

Since then, DiveCo’s involvement in military diving they have grown in scope to include the delivery of various dive courses, including both military & civilian encompassing a wide variety of skills. They are heavily involved in specialist military dive equipment such as re-breathers, spare parts and swimmer delivery vehicles.


GACO first registered for business in 2002 as a service and parts provider to the UAE Air Force and commercial sector.

GACO operates under the FAA Repair Certificate and conducts a wide array of repair and overhaul services for military and commercial aircraft.

Having long standing relationships with international OEM’s for spare parts GACO is able to guarantee the quality of their work and pedigree of components used.


Maplin opened its door for business in early 1990 and since then Maplin has grown very rapidly to become a premier supplier of logistical support, spare parts and mission essential items to the UAE Air Force and Navy.

Maplin has provided a number of logistical support packages, follow on support programs and spare parts support to its UAE clients. Ranging from radars to electronic circuit boards. Maplin has the scope to provide turnkey parts and support.


PX Tac Shop has NINE shop locations in UAE servicing military bases for the supply of tactical items and clothing. With over 7,000 items registered the PX Tax shop covers the market fr all types of tactical military equipments.

With TWO large storage and distribution facilities in the UAE and shops permanently located on most military bases the PX Tac shop is the first stop for high quality tactical gear for the soldier.


RANGE OPERATIONS & MAINTENANCE COMPANY - ROMCO International is a UAE owned and ISO 9001:2015 certified Company.

Initially established to operate, maintain and support the needs of the ever increasing number of range facilities in the UAE, ROMCO provides support for a wide selection of UAE military and civilian sectors using only certified and qualified former Military Personnel, Range Safety Officers, Engineers and Technicians.


Scientific Technology (ST) is a technology driven company that’s main focus is to provide leading edge technology in either hardware or software that is suited to military applications.

ST has worked on delivering a simulation package to a prominent UAE client, and is further developing this capability to include the integration of multi role / type platforms into one streamlined simulation center. ST can also provide man portable simulation for pre-development operationally focused training such as counter IED.


Shamal Solutions provides experienced subject matter experts in military instructions to its clients. Whatever the requirement, whatever expertise is needed.

Shamal can provide the solution. We use our extensive database and global reach to resource trainers and advisors to meet these needs. Our instructors and advisors play a critical role in ensuring clients receive the highest quality training resulting in fully qualified leaders. Soldiers, Non-Commissioned Officers, Officers and Policemen.

Non Military Companies



The #1 Recruitment For Construction In The UAE. Yazwaa Recruitment was founded to build a better service structure for the respective target market, ensuring manpower supply for onshore and offshore Oil & Gas fields all over the UAE.

Yazwaa recruitment services is a local recruitment company based in Abu Dhabi, that provides well defined manpower & outsourcing services in UAE. We are an established recruitment firm that has been providing and servicing prominent clients across the UAE.


Mirage provides Commercial and Home owners with reliable services. We are located in Abu Dhabi, Al Reem Island and we provide our services within the city and strategic areas around Abu Dhabi.

Mirage is a multi-national business. We are dedicated to serving our customers and to uphold the highest quality standards at all times. Presenting a clean business environment is important to impress clients and customers and improving the well-being of your employees.


Bricks Technologies Systems a software solution company that can provide you with partnership to realize your business and technology goals. It starts by making your goals as our goals and ends with an inventive and flexible solution for your most pressing challenges. 

Our award-wining IT services, teams, and skill-sets scale globally as your business evolves and are delivered in the combination of on-site, near-shore or off-shore that works best for you.


Established in 2018 in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Calicut Eastern General Trading has evolved at the pace of its regional environment with a particular focus on commodity food items.

Created by a humble and hard-working team, it is one of the fastest rising companies in the country which explains its excellent relationships with customers and the strong brand recognition of the group. We deal in multiple commodity items and supply in bulk/retail packs and cater to entire UAE market;

About Remah

With the head office located at Addax Tower, on Al Reem Island, RIG consists of two Groups of UAE companies, and a number of Joint Ventures.

The structure of the group has been created in a way that allows a more targeted approach to both the defence and commercial market sectors, by having individual companies specialising in certain areas relating to their markets.

This approach gives the client End User a more specialised team, dedicated to that particular field and it also gives the OEM's a smaller, more focused approached from the group, offering them a very personalised service.

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The structure of the group has been created in a way that allows a more targeted approach to both the defence and commercial market sectors.


With the head office located at Addax Tower, on Al Reem Island, RIG consists of two Groups of UAE companies, and a number of Joint Ventures.
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